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Kevin McElligott, Videographer, Audio Engineer, Nevada City, Grass ValleyAs a Media Producer and Professional Videographer, I have been providing video production services, a.k.a. "Videography services" to the Grass Valley, Nevada City, Sacramento, Auburn, Truckee, Tahoe and surrounding areas for the majority of this century; specializing in promotional video productions, documentary style shooting, live events and concert videography. Multi-camera shoots are my specialty, wherein I capture an event, be it a band performing live or a corporate seminar, from multiple video angles and edit the footage from all cameras into one coherent and smooth video that is polished and professional. 



Need to capture the moment in audio? In addition to videography, I offer full audio recordings of live shows and performances, corporate events and really any event where capturing quality audio recordings is important. I arrive equiped with a mobile recording studio and all of the microphones, cables and gear required to capture just the right sound. Recording live audio can be tricky, but I take the mystery out of the process and deliver "sound" results. From recording full bands on stage to audio interviews and live speaking engagements, I have the gear and the knowledge to produce spotless audio recordings of your event.



Want to move your old VHS tapes to a digital, before they all rot in that box that is sitting in your garage? Need to convert a file from one type of media to another, or create a lasting memory from video clips and photos from the past? I am your man! I spend much of my time doing video and audio conversions, along with digitally capturing older analog tape (a.k.a., VHS Tapes) to preserve old memories. Creating video slideshows from old photos, or creating a montage of images of a family member who passed away is one of my specialties. Just let me know what you have in mind, and we can make it happen, together.



I am proud of my work and am pleased to be able to show off just a snippet of it here. Following is a playlist of my work, on YouTube. You can view the full Portfolio Playlist Here, or click the video below to start viewing my portfolio right away. Use the Fast Forward ">|" button on any video below to jump to the next video in the play-list. All of the following content was created by me.




I have been behind a lens, of one kind or another, since before the age of 10, and found myself developing black & white film by the age of 12. I am rarely more than just a few feet away from a camera at any time, and I truly enjoy capturing the moment in both photography and video, but where I truly shine is in video and audio production services.

Where I truly excel in video productions is in the area of multi-camera shoots and editing together footage in a non-linear fashion. This requires taking the time to shoot the subject matter, quite often a "talking head" (a single person on camera), a live performance or a documentary style shoot, using multiple cameras shooting simultaneously, then editing the footage together to produce a single, smooth-running video that often tells a story, or highlights a performance. You don't have to be perfect on camera... I'll take care of that in editing!

I started doing multi-track audio recordings in the early '80s, and have continued to enhance my skills at capturing, producing and engineering audio over the decades.

I carry multiple video cameras and audio field recorders, along with mics, cables and all of the required gear for a multi-camera shoot, with crisp, clean audio.

When it comes to creating promotional videos for companies, musical bands, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and individuals, I bring to the table a B.S. degree in Marketing, along with nearly 30 years of marketing experience. So I understand clearly how to convey a message that moves your target audience in the direction of contacting and/or doing business with you.

Please consider me for your video and audio promotions and productions. I am happy to go over the details of your project with you at no cost. Contact me below for more information.


I personalize every business transaction, supplying quotes specifically designed around each client's project, their needs and their restrictions. It is just that simple. I would ask that you contact me (below) with as many details about your project as you can provide. I do not submit quotations based on requests such as, "How much do you charge?", or, "I need a video guy." Indeed, every job is different, and many clients have a budget that they cannot break. Odds are, I can work within your budget. Feel free to give me the details of your job, along with as many specifics as possible, allowing me to submit a reasonable quotation to you.

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Professional Videographer, Audio Recording Engineer & Media Conversion Services

Videography Services, Audio Production and Recording Services plus Media Conversions for Nevada City, Grass Valley, Auburn, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Colfax and surrounding areas including San Francisco and the entire Bay Area, Reno, Nevada and beyond.

FORMERLY: iTech Developers - I ran my business as iTech Developers from 2000 thru 2016. Now I simply operate under my own name. If you are a former client seeking me out for web design and hosting support, please contact your current hosting company, as my business is now strictly grounded in Videography, Audio Engineering and Media Conversion.